Florida Israel Friendship League (FIFL) is a 501(c)(3) organization. All staff are volunteers. All activities organized by FIFL are funded through philanthropy and 100% of donations are directed towards the stated missions.

Specific Missions

1. Organization of social events such as Israel Independence festival, Israeli folklore dancing and other events to promote social interactions.

2. Promotion of Israeli and Jewish educational programs featuring dialogue between Israeli personalities to better educate ours local community.

3. Promotion of Israeli and Jewish culture through Purim costume festivals, Israeli cooking classes, Israel sing-along evenings and other creative happenings.

4. Development of  "at home abroad" (להרגיש בבית בחו״ל) assistance programs for visiting Israeli patients  and their families, who seek advanced medical care in South Florida.

5. Israeli Folklore Dancing

6. Israeli cooking classes donated to families in need.

Iris Lynn, Founder & President

Iris Lynn is the founder and President of the Florida Israel Friendship League.                                                                                              

Born and raised in a kibbutz, Iris possesses the classic Israeli virtues:  Voluntarism, improvisation and dedication to the mission.               After finishing her military service with the Israeli Air Force, she joined the Administration College in Hertzlia where she studied Marketing and Public Relations. After moving to the USA, Iris became one of the key leaders of the Israeli and Jewish community on South Florida.Iris launched “Shevet Almog”, the only Israeli scouts tribe in Florida and became one of its founding board members. She served on the first board of the South Florida chapter of “Elem” Youth in Distress, which cares for homeless teenagers in Israel. Currently, Iris serves on the board of the Friends of Israel Defense Forces (FIDF), “Peula”, which helps people with impaired vision in Israel, and volunteers much of her time collaborating and strengthening other Israeli and Jewish organizations. Iris is the heart and soul of the Israeli Independence Day celebration in South Florida for the past 10 years, in close collaboration with the Israeli Consulate in Florida. 


Yael Yanai, Vice President / Producer

Yael Yanai is the Florida Israel Friendship League event manager, producer and oversees all entertainment programs and musical productions. She has been volunteering for 8 Years. 

Yael was born and raised in Israel, after serving in the Israeli Military she worked with “Gadot Petrochemical Industries” for 9 years as a system manager. She also worked for the Israeli Consulate and for the Jewish Agency for Israel in N.Y.C. 

Yael currently owns a leading music and production company in South Florida, the “Tal Productions & Entertainment and
The Shalom Band” for 18 years.

She lives in Miami with her husband and two kids.


Mauricio Lynn, MD, FACS, FSCCM

Dr Mauricio Lynn was born in Romania, son of a Prisoner of Zion, immigrated to Israel at the age of 4 and after a few years moved with his parents to England and subsequently to Brazil.                       After graduating from medical school in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,         Dr. Lynn returned to Israel and spend 20 years with the Israel Defense Forces, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel.                                   Currently, Dr. Lynn is a Professor of Surgery at the University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine. In addition to his professional memberships, Dr. Lynn volunteers his time  as a board member with the Florida Israel Friendship League (FIFL),  the Friends of Israel Defense Forces (FIDF), American Friends of Magen David Adom (AFMDA), and honorary member of the Riviera Parliament of South Florida; Among other activities, Dr. Lynn is a solicited speaker  at fundraising events for Israeli hospitals and other Israeli and Jewish organizations in Florida. As a founding board member of the Florida Israel Friendship League, Dr. Lynn organizes the iconic bicycle ride that became one of the cornerstones of the traditional Israel Independence Day celebration at Haulover Park in Miami Beach. 


Arie Steiger

Arie steiger married to Judit Steiger for 46 years lives in Miami since 1974. Arie organizes the Israeli Independence Day boat parade for 15 years in collaboration with the City of Sunny Isle Beach. For the past 9 years, Arie became a Board member with the Florida Israel Friendship League and continues to organize the traditional boat parade at the Israel Independence Day festival  at Haulover park. 


Etan (Tony) Raz

Etan (Tony) Raz was born in Israel June 1960, immigrated with family to New York in 1970, moved to South Florida in 1980 and since then he owns and operates an Apparel manufacturing & R.S.Trading company. In addition, in 2001, Tony established a commercial real-estate holding company that operates to date.

In 2005, Tony  founded the  "Rolling Thunder of South Florida", a motorcycle club,  primarily for Israeli and Jewish Riders. Tony is a Board member with the Florida Israel Friendship League since 2010.